Intracranial: Panic Attacks

I’m fine…I’m fine…I’m fine…

Inescapable heat envelopes my entire body, fire sears my neck and singes my arms. I’m questioning if this is all real. I’m watching myself suffer; I’m watching myself die.

A creature inhabits my body now, forcing me to shake uncontrollably, my body in a constant tremor as the drum in my chest becomes erratic and unpredictable. I’m going insane, lock me up in the asylum now. But, wait, I’m already here, I cant escape my body no matter how hard I try. Thousands of suffering patients shake the metal bars of the psychiatric ward, the girl who thinks she’s choking on her friend, Anxiety, the girl who cries with her pal, Depression, and the girl who only listens to her imaginary friend, Agoraphobia. I choke, I cry, I listen. Me, just me, alone in the ward with no exit doors. I know this is irrational, I know I’m okay, but… still, somehow, I’m not. This is never going to end, but…. still, somehow, it does.

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