PH5 F/W 2017

A dreamy scene of milky white flooded the Bortolami Gallery as inflatable, white spheres effortlessly hung from the rafters, providing a clean background for PH5’s vibrant and heavily textured Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Each model stood on her own white box, presenting one of the 14 looks ranging from pantsuits to dresses.

photo: Ryan Qyan

Known for redefining knitwear, PH5 stuck to the playful incorporation of knitted patterns and fabrics in their latest collection, whether in the form of intricate multi-colored roses or pinstriped dresses. Slouchy off-the-shoulder sweaters, extra-long sleeves that hung from the models’ arms and loosely tied ribbons embodied the effortless-chic aesthetic portrayed by the cloud-like scene among the models.

However, this iridescent utopia created by the layering of the white background and colorful knit seemed to be interrupted as one drew his or her eye to the footwear of each model — see-through, thigh-high, heeled boots. The clear plastic of the boots revealed bare red and uncomfortable feet, and as the presentation continued, condensation began to cover the interior of the boots.

While PH5 successfully experimented with combining colors and textures in their infamous contemporary knitwear, the odd pairing of clear boots with every look clashed with the collection as a whole, adding unintended chaos to what should have been a beautiful reverie.


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