Marissa Webb S/S 2017

As the idea of masculine and feminine convergence and gender equality continues to gain support in the political and social world, fashion lends itself a vehicle for social change. This S/S 2017 season, Marissa Webb presented a side-by-side rendering of both masculine and feminine elements upon her runway.

Known as a proponent of juxtaposing sharp and soft; and fantasy and reality in other seasons, Webb chooses this season to focus on the juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity. Through her strategic pairing of contrasting colors, fabrics, and styles. IMG_9763-506x900.jpgRuffles, the dominating style this season in Webb’s collection, embellished almost every look on the runway, from structured blazers to timeless shirtdresses.

In one look, Webb chose to combine her girly blush-colored frills with jet-black leather, and in another, she paired the silky frills with a military green, canvas jacket. The pairing of heavy and light fabrics contributes to her overall melding of masculine and feminine ideals.

The contrasting fabrics and colors meshed perfectly with the music in the show, a series of strong, rhythmic percussion interwoven with high, delicate synth tones. To draw attention to the clear contrast within the clothes, Webb chose to style each model in an effortless, low ponytail and simple makeup.
Although each look primarily contrasts masculine and feminine elements, the styles in Webb’s S/S collection seamlessly converge with one another, interlacing previously separated gender fashions into a singular style.

Published in NYFW Section of Washington Square News

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