Barbara Tfank Spring/Summer 2016

Inspiration is often found within the midst of travel; new vantage points and unfamiliar sights reawaken the imagination and open doors to endless possibilities. As a result of her summer journey through London, Barbara Tfank created a regal, elegant, and exquisite collection shaped by her excursion throughout England’s capital.

Known for her use of exquisite textiles, it was only natural that Tfank successfully captured the Victorian roots of London through the thick French couture fabrics adorned with copper tones, iridescent hues, and floral patterns reminiscent of the most intricate wallpapers within the House of the Lords.

Complementing each fabric, the shapes within each look encompassed the natural beauty of London, the scalloped necklines representing countryside hills, while the pattern upon the mossy green capelet jacket mimics the “summer’s vivid green fullness.” The tea length skirts, portrait necklines, and panel backs successfullyIMG_02691.jpg establish the eloquence and femininity naturally attributed to regal London.

The collection relies on the application of luminous, vibrant colors such as emerald greens, opalescent blues and fiery reds within each of the fashions. However, these colors dazzled even brighter next to the modern, chromatic paintings within the Susan Inglett Gallery. The contrast between the venue’s artwork and Tfank’s designs highlighted the patterns and symmetry of each look.

The S/S collection fused the timeless elegance of British culture, natural beauty of the London countryside, and chic modernity of the evolving world we live in.

Published in NYFW Section of Washington Square News

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